OPEN JOB POSITIONS – Associate or Licensed Therapist

dual diagnosis treatment

OPEN JOB POSITIONS We are looking to fill two positions – One in El Segundo and the other one in our Van Nuys or Pasadena Teen IOP program location immediately.The candidate could be an associate or a licensed therapist. Experience with dual diagnosis treatment of teen population is required ….

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Options for Heroin Addiction Treatment Pasadena CA

heroin addiction treatment in Pasadena CA

Heroin addiction can be one of the most difficult things that a person has to deal with. That’s why at Insight Treatment, we utilize various options to ensure effective treatment. Our heroin addiction treatment in Pasadena, CA involves support groups and lifestyle changes. We offer a holistic approach…

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Drug Abuse Treatment Los Angeles for Trauma and Addiction

Drug Abuse Treatment Los Angeles

The patients that we treat in our drug abuse treatment in Los Angeles have gone through a life-altering experience. They use and ultimately abuse drugs and alcohol to help them cope. Eventually, their addiction became so great they could no longer function properly.  Overcoming Addiction through Drug Abuse…

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Teen Alcohol Treatment: Why Teens Drink

Teen Alcohol Treatment

Teenagers drink alcohol for a lot of reasons. However, there are core issues behind their alcohol use and you must understand them. When your children are drinking excess amounts of alcohol, then you might want to send them to a reputable teen alcohol treatment facility.  Teen Alcohol Treatment…

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Insight Teen Counseling Big Bear Trip

Insight teen counseling

Insight Teen  Counseling Big Bear Trip – November 15-17, 2019 Insight teen counseling believes in community. We believe that nature has an amazing way of bring teens together. We therefore just completed our fall trip to Big Bear where the kids had an opportunity to connect with their…

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Insight Treatment for Patients with Mental Health Problems

Insight Treatment

The treatments provided here at Insight Treatment follow the National Institute for Health and Care (NICE). Many of our patients here do not realize that they are experiencing issues until they have come to their senses.    Treatments Available at Insight Treatment There are various options available for…

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Teen Counseling in San Fernando: What to Expect

teen counseling in San Fernando

Teens today are quite different from the teens before this generation. Currently, teenagers are facing more pressure from their family, peers, and school. If you think that these factors are overwhelming, you may consider teen counseling in San Fernando.    Teen Counseling in San Fernando to Handle Stress …

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