Young Adults Mental Health Professionals Lunch

young adults mental health professionals

Insight Treatment organized a lunch with adolescents & young adults mental health professionals to talk, share updates and information while enjoying a lunch provided by Insight’s team. The event was held at the CareFree Boat Club in Marina del Rey, and it was an informal day by the…

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What Can You Expect From Teen Counseling?

teen counseling los angeles

Teenage years are known to be a critical period in everybody’s life. Many teenagers face difficult circumstances which can lead to serious conditions, ranging from depression and anxiety to family conflicts and self-identity issues. That is the main reason teen counseling should be regarded with the utmost attention….

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What Are Insight Programs About?

insight program

Insight Programs are Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14 to 20 who are suffering from mental disorders or addiction issues. Over the years, Insight has evolved a lot and today, it is not just a teen drug rehabilitation program. These…

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How to Cope With Your Teen’s Drug Abuse Issues

drug abuse treatment los angeles

When you are the parents of a teenager it’s hard to deny that they are your entire world. You’ve watched them grow from their childhood years and it can be heartbreaking to see them fall into the wrong crowds and behaviors. It’s only made worse when you realize…

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Three Indicators That Your Teen Needs Therapy

indicators that your teen needs therapy

With some teenagers you may find that they go through their adolescence years without much trouble. However, with others puberty may come swiftly and in a manner that causes a child to change and nothing feels the same for the parents. You may find as a parent that…

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Confronting a Teen Alcohol Problem

teen alcohol problem

When your child has an alcohol problem, it can be one of the most difficult things to face. It doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, nor is it a time for recriminations. Confronting a teen alcohol problem is incredibly difficult. That’s why we recommend that, should you believe…

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