Dealing with Pasadena Teen Drug Problems

Teen Drugs

The issues and problems that are faced by teens today may seem worse or even more aggressive than they were when you were the same age. There seems to be a great deal more pressure and anxiety facing teens today, causing many to turn to habits that can…

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Teen Counseling for Co-Occurring Disorders

Frustrated Mother and Daughter

Important Teen Counseling for Co-Occurring Disorders The pressures that teenagers face today experience can be greater than ever before. It is easy to find teenagers slipping into problems that involve the use of alcohol or drugs and very often these dependencies coincide with other behavioral issues. This is…

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Teen Alcohol Problem

drinking party

Dealing with a Teen Alcohol Problem There are so many issues today that you worry about when it comes to your teen, but one of the most prevalent of all of them is alcohol. Many teens, for a variety of reasons, turn to the use of alcohol at…

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EEG Biofeedback

BrainPaint at Insight: Insight is proud to announce the use of EEG Biofeedback through BrainPaint at our Sherman Oaks center. BrainPaint was developed by Bill Scott, Ph.D. in 2007 to provide protocols and equipment for treatment centers to utilize with their clients. Studies have shown that EEG Biofeedback…

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