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EEG Biofeedback

BrainPaint at Insight: Insight is proud to announce the use of EEG Biofeedback through BrainPaint at our Sherman Oaks center. BrainPaint was developed by Bill Scott, Ph.D. in 2007 to provide protocols and equipment for treatment centers to utilize with their clients. Studies have shown that EEG Biofeedback

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Teen Prescription Drug Use

In CASA’s (National Center for Addiction & Substance Abuse at Columbia University) 2009 National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XIV: Teens and Parents, nearly one if five teens reported that they are able to get prescription drugs (in order to get high) in one hour, and

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Treatment for Teen Drug / Alcohol & Co-occuring Disorders

Insight Treatment Programs are designed to meet the needs of today’s adolescent s and families. Specializing in adolescent issues such as treatment for teen Drug / Alcohol & co-occurring disorders. As well as: Behavioral Problems Drug and Alcohol Use Depression Academic Issues Poor Impulse Control Poor Peer Group Selection

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