Insight Treatment FAQ

How Can I Tell if My Child Could Benefit from Mental Health Treatment? 

When a teen is feeling “down,” it’s natural to chalk it up to them just “going through a phase,” the ups and downs of being a teenager, and so forth. However, there are particular symptoms that, if they persist, can show that your teen very well could benefit from teen mental health treatment. 

Some of the more common signs that we see are teens that are depressed for an extended period, feelings of being tired or sad that just never go away, exhibiting suicidal ideation/thoughts, and similar concerns. 

Other signs include extreme lifestyle changes (in regards to appetite, sleep patterns, and similar factors). Withdrawing from activities/old friends they used to enjoy, abusing drugs, alcohol, and other toxic substances, and dropping grades are other signs as well. If you think they could benefit from teen group therapy and the like, there’s no downside to scheduling a free assessment with us. 

Is Insight Treatment Just for Teens? 

Insight Treatment exclusively treats teenagers. Specifically, our teen mental health treatment and teen rehab is for teenagers from the ages of 13-19. Everything here is specifically tailored to teens and their needs. 

At each Insight Treatment, we’ve created a kind of “clubhouse” atmosphere. There are games, fun things to do, places to chill, and so forth. Here, they can interact with and learn from teens who are going through the same struggles that they are. We’ve found that teens only really open up and express their emotional pain, what they’re dealing with, when they feel safe, when they’re around their peers. That’s the environment we foster at every Insight Treatment. 

Can Someone Go to School and Insight Treatment? 

Yes. Absolutely. Many of the teens at Insight Treatment go to school during the day and then come here after school. As an “Intensive Outpatient Treatment” center, they come here, receive treatment, and then return home at night. We devise a treatment plan to fit each and every teen who comes to Insight. That way, everyone receives treatment that’s just right for them. 

For teens that would be best served away from a traditional school setting for a time, we offer a therapeutic, drug, and alcohol-free Day School program. Here, students can continue their education with private or public distance learning and independent studies programs that are fully accredited. This safe environment has helped many teens to grow and continue their education while giving them a chance to re-enter a traditional school setting when they’re ready. 

What is a Typical Day at Insight Treatment Like? 

Every teen’s treatment plan will be different, just as they, their challenges, and their opportunities are different. That said, when a teen arrives at an Insight Treatment, they may have a therapy session, whether individual or teen group therapy. A teen may have some “downtime” in which they can play video games, rock climb, or just hang out with some of the other teens that are here at the same time. 

What Does Insight Treat Exactly? 

Insight Treatment has always provided teen mental health treatment as well as teen rehab services. Our IOP has helped teens dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem, self-identity issues, neurological disorders, abusing drugs/alcohol/toxic substances, sexual identity issues, eating disorders, trauma processing, and even difficulty socializing with peers for more than 25 years. 

What Kinds of Therapy are There at Insight? 

At our intensive outpatient treatment, we offer individual as well as teen group therapy. In individual therapy, your teen will be able to talk one on one with an experienced therapist. Specifically, this is a therapist who’s experienced in dealing with teenagers and teenager issues. In all things, we’ve specifically designed Insight Treatment to provide teen-specific treatment. 

Beyond that, teen group therapy provides teenagers with a safe environment to interact with teenagers who are struggling with the same issues they are. In these groups, (carefully moderated by an experienced, professional therapist) each teen can find their voice, expressing themselves and what they’re really going through. 

What is the Confidentiality Policy of Insight Treatment? 

Every teen’s confidentiality, as well as that of their parents, is very important. At all times, we follow all pertinent federal guidelines when it comes to confidentiality. Beyond that, all communication in regards to your teen and your situation has to be approved with your written consent. We’ve been doing this for more than 25 years, so, at all times, your confidentiality will be maintained. 

Do You Take Insurance? 

At Insight Treatment, we are in network with most private insurance plans. It’s possible that we can find a way to work with you. We recommend reaching out to us for a free, initial assessment with our Clinical Director to see how we can help. 

How Do I Know if My Teen Has a Problem with Drugs or Alcohol? 

There are many signs that your teen could benefit from professional help with their toxic substance abuse. If your teen’s substance abuse problems have led to problems with family, with school, with their friends/relationships, activities, and more, then it’s entirely possible that they could benefit from our teen rehab. Another clear sign: that your teen has tried to stop abusing toxic substances but has been unable to do so. 

How Can I Know if Insight Treatment is Right for My Child? 

We always recommend that, if a parent has some belief that their child could benefit from treatment, it’s worth it to reach out to us for a free initial assessment. There is no downside to this. It’s free of charge, it’s with our Clinical Director, and we’ll let you know then and there if we’re in a position to be able to help your child. 

If you believe that your teen may have a problem that they could use help with, we encourage you to reach out to us through our site.