School Support

Insight Treatment School Support

While Insight offers a therapeutic day school program, many adolescents attending Insight Treatment School Support continue at the schools they are in an attend groups in the afternoons and evenings. Therefore, Insight offers private tutoring, SAT Prep, and help with college applications to all adolescents attending Insight Treatment.

Insight Academy

Insight Academy offers a therapeutic, drug and alcohol-free Day School program for students who need time away from a traditional school setting. While attending Insight, students can continue their education by enrolling with fully accredited, private or public distance learning and independent studies programs which offer various levels of coursework depending on the student’s needs. While your child learns in a safe environment, tutors and counselors at Insight communicate with your child’s school to meet the educational needs, graduation requirements, and college plans of your child. We will update parents regarding their child’s academic progress, as well as provide guidance on re-entry into a traditional school setting when appropriate.

Insight Recovery Center Summer Program

School Support

What is Your Teen Doing This Summer? Check our Insight Recovery Center Summer Program

Summertime can be a problem for teens dealing with too many unstructured hours. Teens who have struggled with issues of depression, substance use, poor peer selection or family issues are especially vulnerable when faced with too much unsupervised time. Insight Recovery Center Summer Program is designed to provide fun-filled activities as well as opportunities for personal growth and enrichment.

Activities include:

* Cooking classes

* Yoga

* Cartooning

* Rock climbing

* Pottery & Ceramics

* Fit camp

* Art classes

* Beach days, hiking, and horseback riding

* Field trips to theme parks

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