Intake Coordinator

Job Summary

Work from home, starting part-time, eventually to full time, usually within the first couple months if it’s a good fit.

The intake coordinator is responsible for accepting referrals from the company’s referral sources, communicate with them, and maintain professional relationships. The position holder is required to organize and manage referral information, processes accurately, and distribute it over the other departments based on the given route. Intake coordinators report to the Admissions Director.

Intake Coordinator Responsibility:

  • Answer the phone call within the first 3 rings.
  • Check referral portals and accept referrals. Communicate and discuss with the operations manager and DON if needed.
  • Constantly check and keep faxes updated.
  • Print, collect, organize, and manage all accepted referrals, the process for information verification, eligibility check, and data entry.
  • Keep the referral log up to date and make sure all accepted referrals are reported into the log.
  • Distribute charts and information in a timely manner for further processes.
  • Troubleshoot, prioritize, and present a polished, positive image to referral sources.
  • Call newly accepted patients, introduce the company, and verify their information in the referral.
  • Maintain a professional, positive, and motivated working environment.
  • Implement given tools and materials on daily basis.
  • Submit daily written or verbal reports to the Operations manager and DON about accepted referrals, ongoing patients.
  • Maintain good communication and professional relationships with the staffing department.
Skills Required:
  • Communication – excellent verbal communication skills and active listening skills to be able to describe our program, evaluate viability of callers, and assess their care needs
  • Customer Service – customer service skills to answer questions and guide people through the admissions process
  • Data Entry – intake coordinators enter information into digital systems and create patient files, data entry skills are a must-have for this job
  • Time Management – excellent time management skills to handle a multitude of incoming calls and other tasks.

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