A Good Fit for Our Mental Health Treatment Center in Los Angeles

At Insight Treatment, we’re dedicated to providing the highest level of care to as many people as possible. That means we take everything into account on just how to provide you or your child the appropriate treatment for their specific needs. To do so, we perform as thorough an evaluation as possible. Through that, we’re able to formulate a plan that meets your specific needs or those of your kid. This is actually the first step whenever you come to one of our mental health treatment center in Los Angeles

Asking and Listening 

To be clear, when we do this entire evaluation, we aren’t just talking. Much of the time is spent listening. That means we listen to what your kid’s needs are. Every person who comes through our doors is different. Yes, we have proven, effective therapies that have worked for so many, but there’s certainly no “cookie cutter” aspect to this. By connecting to you or your child in a setting that’s both clinical and personalized, we’re able to form a greater picture of what’s going on, and where we should go next. 

Mental Health Treatment Center in Los Angeles: What our Treatment Plan Will be Built On 

Before we put your personalized treatment plan together, we learn everything that we can. That way, we can best fit you and your life. So, we sit down with the parents as well as the children and cover all of the emotional problems, any problems in the family, what behavioral problems may have arisen, if there were issues with drugs and alcohol, psychological issues, problems with social functioning and so much more. These questions may seem a bit intrusive, but there’s a reason for that: we’re trying to build the best, most specific plan for you. Only by knowing all of the facts can we do that. 

mental health treatment center in Los Angeles

Drawing from a Complete Clinical Picture

So many of the symptoms that people come to us for are really caused by some underlying factors. The person who drinks to excess may have some unresolved trauma in their life, and so forth. This enables us to provide you with more personalized care, as well as putting us in a position to be better able to notice any patterns or trends in the behavior. From there, we can accurately figure out how they manifest as substance abuse, behavioral “acting out,” mental health issues, and so forth. To use an analogy, once we have that initial, clinical picture, we can begin to help you to paint over it, so to speak. 

Mental Health Centers in Los Angeles: Here to Help 

From reading this blog, you shouldn’t get the idea that we’re only going to ask you a bunch of questions and then put you or your child into treatment. We’re here to answer any and all questions that you might have as well. It’s a point of pride with us to take the time to educate family members and let them know what we think is happening, why, and how we can improve it. To schedule a free consultation with us and talk things over, call our team at (888) 295-9995.