Parent Support Groups

Insight Treatment Programs offers both teen rehab and parent support groups in all of our locations. These groups are both process-oriented and psycho-educational, offering parents skills and support in dealing with teens that may be having problems with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, depression, low academic achievement and/or behavioral problems. Parents are also invited to attend Al-Anon meetings for parents at Insight Treatment.

Parent support groups offer parents a way to learn as they interact with other parents who are addressing similar issues. Sometimes dealing with teen problems can seem overwhelming. Whether the issues are substance-related, behavioral, or academic, parents often benefit from sharing information and ideas with a community of other parents. At Insight, our confidential groups offer a place to share successes, learn new strategies and address concerns.

Parent coaching is offered to parents who may want telephone or in-person sessions to get support with parenting their teen. Limit setting, knowledge of age-appropriate activities, and parent empowerment are all goals of our coaching sessions. Coaching sessions are individualized to meet the unique needs of each parent and teen.