Teen Group Therapy

Insight Treatment offers a variety of modalities that are known to be effective with teens. Our many years of experience has allowed us to have witnessed the life-changing and powerful effects that teen group therapy has on adolescents battling substance abuse and or mental health issues. All of our groups are facilitated by trained and licensed professionals that specialize in a wide variety of problem areas.

Keeping with our holistic approach, the groups offered include process groups, psycho-educational groups, skill-building groups, experiential groups and gender-specific groups.  Topics range from trauma, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, medication management, emotional regulation, social skills, and self-esteem.

Many studies support the significance of groups in adolescent treatment.  While individual therapy remains an important component of our program, therapeutic work done in a group setting of one’s peers, recognizes that during this phase in a teen’s development they are most influenced by their peers.  Because of this, teens tend to be more open and honest in groups, and more likely to identify with feelings and issues that they may not have yet been able to express.  Identifying with other teens not only helps teens to know that they are not alone, but encourages hope that issues can be overcome as they see others heal.

Having a forum to address issues with peers in the safety and structure of a professionally led group, creates the chance to gain insight and learn new life strategies. The cumulative experience among the participants can help all individuals no matter what stage they are in. They also provide a sense of accountability among each other, making a commitment to work through these issues, together. As teens progress in their treatment they have an opportunity to support teens who are newer in the process, which promotes self-esteem and gives them a barometer of their own personal growth.

Teens newer to the process benefit by seeing others who are overcoming their issues and experiencing a life worth living.  With our experience we have seen the power and influence group therapy can have on adolescents, the support, strength and confidence they gain from one another– is life-changing.

Why Chose Our Teen Support Groups

All of our groups are facilitated by Masters or doctoral level therapists, as well as certified addiction specialists who are experienced in working with adolescents.  Each staff member specialize in various areas including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, psycho-dynamic therapies, EMDR, TRM, experiential, art therapy and addictions among others.  Groups are designed according to our client’s needs.  Groups to address depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and trauma, family and social issues are key components of our programming.

It has been our experience that each adolescent is complicated and unique, therefore needing individualized treatment.  Our group therapists share insights with our individual and family therapists to help us understand each client and the many aspects of their lives.  Our groups have proven to be an effective component and are combined with individual and family therapy.

We have been treating teens for many years and continue to bring in state-of-the-art modalities to provide our teens and families the best possibility for healing.   We invite you to call us at (800) 599-8820 to schedule an appointment to meet our team or to schedule a confidential assessment.