Insight Treatment Assesment and Placement


From the moment your family enters Insight Treatment Program, you are provided with the highest level of care, attention and support.  We conduct a comprehensive evaluation alongside you and your child by one of our on staff psychologists. The extensive evaluation allows us to relate to your family and child in a personalized, clinical setting.  We take the time to listen and understand the nature of each individual’s unique case.

During the evaluation we spend time connecting with you and your child in order to understand the level of psychological problems, emotional problems, behavioral problems, family issues, social functioning or drug and alcohol use. We also analyze your child’s academic performance, physical health, nutrition and exercise.

By inquiring into mental, physical and psychological issues of the extended family, we form a clinical picture of underlying factors and symptoms related to the issue.  We gather information– identifying trends and patterns in behavior that may potentially manifest into mental health, substance abuse, behavioral and psychological problems. We also take the time to educate family members and real, pertinent scientific data. We walk you through the entire process with your child. We’re here to answer any and all questions, so that you may better understand the scope of our work at each phase.


After the evaluation process our staff will carefully examine all the information provided by the parents and child.  We then create a personalized treatment plan and schedule unique to your child. Your child will be assigned a licensed therapist who has the support of a team of highly-qualified staff members with many years of experience. This is a joint effort in order to support, guide and encourage both the young person undergoing treatment and their family.

Insight will provide right match of psychiatrists, interventionists and sober companions to assist on the road to recovery. At Insight Treatment, we share the journey with your family, and we are committed to getting your child back on the right path towards a positive, healthy and successful future.