Los Angeles Teen Support Groups for Social Anxiety

Los Angeles teen support groups

Social anxiety can bring a lot of distress in people’s lives. For teens, the gravity of social anxiety can be magnified as they’re subjected to constant social interaction and performance in school, while still having to navigate the complexities of being a teen. Therapeutic outlets such as Los…

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Teen Counseling for Kids Struggling in School

teen counseling

Let’s face it, being bored is a favorite pastime for teenagers. We were there once, slumping in our chairs, snoozing off during lectures, fantasizing about who knows what. We can relate. While it’s the norm to not feel 100% all the time, there are some signs teens show…

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Insight Treatment for Teen Alcohol Dependency

Insight Treatment

Experimentation is treated like a rite of passage for many teens. As parents, we may not like this, and may even attempt to prevent it from happening, but there is a point where we surrender to acceptance–our kids may dabble in vices like alcohol before they’re 21. We…

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Parent Support Groups for Teen Rehab

parent support groups

Witnessing your child develop behavioral changes, from what appears to be substance abuse, is devastating. But you know you must step in. Getting help for your teen is a big step. And so is getting the support you need. Finding parent support groups for parents with teens in…

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How To Get Started With Teen Drug Rehab

Teen Drug Rehab

Being a teenager is complicated to say the least. While bodies (and brains) develop, kids begin to experience a wider range of emotions and may not know how to cope with them. Unfortunately, some of our children turn to substances to cope. If your child has developed an…

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Insight Los Angeles Weekly AAA Meeting

Insight Los Angeles Weekly AA Meeting

Typically, when teens are in treatment they go to AA, NA, CA, or other 12-step meetings. At these meeting it can be hard to find people around their age who struggle with some of their same issues. We believe it is really important for teens to find meeting…

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