Insight Treatment Recovery Center Videos


The Foundation of a Drug Free World created this video that tells the stories of different kids/young adults using drugs. It touches on how the drugs made them lose motivation to excel in school and ultimately drop out. They explain how some young people take drugs to numb their feelings.


Partnership for Drug Free Kids is spearheading a lot of groundbreaking work and created this informative video. The video talks to parents about the challenges they face such as losing trust, losing control and the daily fear of losing their child. The video encourages parents to take action instead of risking to be part of the problem.


Creating confidence and helping teenagers express themselves is crucial. This video inspires us! In our treatment program we encourage kids to develop their own affirmations and positive slogans about themselves.


Not all teens wants to express themselves in words but have amazing gifts allowing for them to express themselves in creative activities such as art, song and dance. We provide kids these opportunities as part of our program to ensure all kids gets a chance to find an outlet that they enjoy.