Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Teens at a Place That’s Actually Cool

When most folks first hear the phrase “teen alcohol and drug rehab,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably some image inspired by movies and TV. It might include cracked walls, kids in straight jackets, mad scientists, and plenty of other sights from a 90’s horror movie. The truth is that teens’ rehab is nothing like that all. In fact, it’s a place that gives teens a chance to recover. That means the place isn’t just clinical and professional, it’s an area where they can unwind, too. 

Teen Alcohol and Drug Rehab: Pasadena 

We moved our Pasadena location into a gorgeous old villa, closer to the Rose Bowl. There’s something symbolic about that: we took this old villa and made it into something that fits today’s teens. It shows how, with the right help, something can really be transformed. Treatment is a very difficult time for teens as well as everyone else in their families, so we wanted to build a facility where teens would have the chance to feel safe as they grow and ultimately recover. 

El Segundo 

The newest of our locations is also a reclamation process. When we came to El Segundo, this building was just a recycled warehouse. But, we all came together and made it into a place where teens wouldn’t actually mind spending time. Everything went into making this as relaxed and chill an environment as could be. So, when teens come here, they have their choice of fun social activities. They could take up indoor climbing, get in some exercise, get into foosball or table tennis, or just read and go on the internet. Those are just a few of the activities available here.  When your teen is looking for somewhere to get shelter and feel safe, this is the perfect locale.

teen alcohol and drug rehab


Van Nuys 

Stability. That’s an important part of the process for all of our teens. It’s hard to truly recover and get better if you aren’t in a safe, comfortable environment. So, as you’ve seen, we’ve strived to make each of our locations exactly that. The Van Nuys location is no exception. Here, teens have a really great opportunity to socialize. That can make the journey of treatment so much better. It serves as a reminder that they aren’t alone in this, that they aren’t the only teens going through this, that there’s someone who’s a little bit further along than them or who’s where they were just a few days ago. 

An Alcohol Drug Rehab for Teens that Works 

Of course, all of this stuff about being “cool,” “comfortable,” “chill” and all of that wouldn’t mean much if the treatment were ineffective. Here at Insight Treatment, we have 25 years of experience in helping teens to draw upon. That means we’ve seen what works, we’ve seen what doesn’t, and we can put that to use for you or your teen. To check out what we’ve got or to schedule a free consultation, call us at (888) 295-9995.