Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Teens at Insight

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Are you concerned that your teen struggles with both their mental health as well as some kind of addiction? Does it seem like, no matter what you or others do, neither your teen’s mental health nor their addiction seems to improve? If so, you aren’t alone. Many teenagers struggle with both addictions as well as their mental health. For that, we offer dual diagnosis treatment for teens. This can help in a variety of ways. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Teens Defined 

Another word for “dual diagnosis” is “co-occurring disorders.” Basically, the idea is that, if a teen struggles with their mental health as well as addiction, we treat them both at the same time instead of treating them one at a time. The unfortunate truth is that if either isn’t treated, it will worsen the other, thus undoing any progress. A teen may turn to toxic substances to deal with their mental illness, or a teen’s abuse of toxic substances could drain their mental health. By treating them both at the same time, they can both be improved at the same time. 

The Benefits 

It’s important to note that, with dual diagnosis treatment, we don’t treat your teen’s “symptoms” exactly. Yes, if your teen is struggling with mental health as well as addiction, we want to help them, but we don’t do that by focusing on the symptoms; we do that by focusing on the root causes. See, our team will work with your teen to find exactly what the inner root causes of their mental health problems and/or addiction are. From there, we can work to eliminate those, which, in time, will ultimately take care of the addiction and mental health issues, too. 

A Place for Teens 

We know how difficult it can be for teens as well as their parents when the teen has mental health and/or addiction problems. Additionally, we firmly believe that teenagers have the best opportunity to grow and change when they’re in a community of peers that they feel they belong to. Then and only then can they feel comfortable enough to really open up, to express their pain, challenges, and more. So, we’ve done everything in our power to make every Insight Treatment a fun, clubhouse atmosphere where teens can feel genuinely and truly safe. With that foundation established, growth and recovery are possible. 

 Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Help for Mental Health as Well as Addiction 

It’s important to note that a teen doesn’t have to be struggling with their mental health as well as an addiction to find effective treatment for their needs here at Insight Treatment. Indeed, we’ve helped so many teens to find the root causes of their mental health struggles and overcome those as well. To see how we can help your teen, you can schedule a free evaluation with one of our professionals. You can do so through our site or by calling (888) 295-9995.