Are You Dealing with a Teen Alcohol Problem?

You Dealing with a Teen Alcohol Problem

No parent is ever prepared to hear that their teen may have a substance abuse problem. In today’s world where parents are working long hours and spending less time at home it seems even easier for parents to go unaware that a problem even exists until the problem comes to a head. It can be a challenge for you as a parent to know whether or not your child is dealing with an issue with something like alcohol if you are not aware of the signs you should look for. Learning the potential warning signs of a teen alcohol problem is important so you will know what to look for and find how best to get the proper help for your child.

Watching for the Signs

There can be a variety of different signals that you may want to look for that can be an indication that your teen may be dealing with alcohol abuse. Look to see if your child has taken up with a completely new group of friends. This may be a peer group that puts pressure on your teen for drinking or displays that teen alcohol use is acceptable. You may notice significant mood swings developing in your teen. There is also likely to be a drop off in their schoolwork, social activities, team participation and the like as they turn their attentions more to drinking as their primary activity. There can also be physical signs such as changes in eating habits, sleeping patterns and changes in appearance. If you notice a pattern developing with any of these signs, talk to your child and see if there is a problem.

Getting the Right Help

Once you have determined that your child does have a teen alcohol problem you want to do everything you can to make sure they get the help they need. There are a variety of treatment programs available today that specifically target teen addiction and alcohol abuse. These programs look at the special needs teens may have and approach treatment in a manner that is more comfortable for your child than they might be in a setting designed for adults.

You Dealing with a Teen Alcohol Problem

When you recognize that you are dealing with a teen alcohol problem, take action as soon as you can to get your child help. Reach out to the staff at Insight Treatment at 800-599-8820 go to to learn about programs available that are designed to help teens in crisis.