Drug Abuse Treatment in Santa Clarita and Elsewhere During This Time

Does it feel like your teen has developed a substance abuse problem during the pandemic? Has your teen’s substance abuse worsened during this period of time? That’s been a problem for so many families. It’s normal for teens as well as their parents to be overwhelmed. We’ve received multiple calls daily from parents who struggle to hold onto boundaries for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that they feel overwhelmed, too. We’re always here to help. That’s true whether there’s a global pandemic or not. We offer drug abuse treatment in Santa Clarita and other locations, even online. 

Drug Abuse Treatment in Santa Clarita Facility 

To be able to reach teens, you need to have a facility where they would actually want to go. That’s been a focus of ours when we’ve developed each of our locations, and it’s certainly true of the Santa Clarita one. This wasn’t some office building that we renovated or anything like that – it was a warehouse. So, we made it into a clubhouse. Every part of our 5000 sq. ft building was made to support human connection, for teens to feel comfortable. Of course, with all of that space and design, social distancing is easy. Mask-wearing is required, and hand sanitizer is placed throughout the building. This location is safe in more ways than one. 

More Ways We Can Help

Insight Treatment is committed to staying open during this time if at all possible. In addition to that, we always want to be in a position to help as many teens and parents as possible. That’s why we offer free virtual resources for parents during this time. For example, weekly, we offer a two-hour telehealth Parent Support Meeting with one of our therapists. These are held every Tuesday, from noon to 2 PM on Zoom. The meeting ID is 386 079 922. These are entirely free, you can watch them from any device so long as you have an internet connection. We see it as one more way that we can help. 

Always Answering Your Questions 

In addition to that, we know that parents are going to have specific questions about their teens that can’t be answered in a group setting like a zoom meeting. To that end, our mental health team is available for your questions every Friday from 9 AM to 11 AM. These sessions are limited, but we can provide education and support for your specific needs. If you can’t connect to someone, leave a message. We’ll always call you back. 

A Place for Healing 

There is always hope. No matter how much it may seem that your teen struggles, no matter how much the pandemic may rage, there is always a way to improve, to get better. We’ve been helping parents and teens with that for more than two decades. To talk to one of our professionals about how we can help or even to get more information, just call (888) 295-9995 or send us an email.