Drug Rehab for Teens that Puts Teens First

Insight Treatment is an alcohol and drug rehab for teens. That means we specialize in helping teenagers, from ages 13 through 19, who are struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. When we say that this is “for teens,” we mean it. That doesn’t mean we exclude all treatment therapies and plans that have worked for people of other ages, of course, but it does mean we focus on that which helps teenagers specifically. By treating teenagers properly, we’ve helped so many to discover and ultimately overcome the underlying concerns that caused their problems. 


A Drug for Teens and Only Teens 


We believe that for a location to say that they’re “for teens” they should be just that: for teens. At Insight, there aren’t any adults seeking treatment or anything like that. We focus exclusively on teenagers to give them the help and support that they need. Teenagers and their parents deserve to have a treatment option that caters to them alone. Teens have different needs than older adults, and different methods have been proven to be more effective. By solely focusing on teenagers, we’ve helped so many to lead the lives that they want. 

drug rehab for teens

Experience with Teens 


The professionals at Insight Treatment have worked with teenagers before, often for many, many years. We don’t just hire someone because they had years of success in a drug and rehab treatment facility for adults – we hire those who have proven that they know how to work with teenagers. This allows our entire staff to draw upon their experience when working with teenagers and their families. 


A Place Teens Actually Want to Go to 


The truth is that a drug rehab for adults and one that focuses on teenagers is going to be very difficult. For one thing, teens are far less likely to want to go to the facility that caters to adults. Everything at each of our locations is designed in such a way to make teenagers feel comfortable and at ease. Instead of a sterile location, offering them nothing in terms of warmth or coziness, we’ve built places where they will feel “at home,” where they can be a part of a community. 


Where Teenagers Can Socialize, Even Now 


A major part of building a community, of course, is giving teens a place to socialize, to connect, to be with their peers. That presents even more challenges during a time such as this, during the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, our facility is still open and welcoming teens as well as their families, just with a greater focus on safety than ever. Our doors remain open, just now they open on outdoor group therapy, outdoor sessions, and similar experiences. Teens can feel just as comfortable here, they can still socialize, only now they can do so safely, while maintaining social distancing, and similar efforts. Insight Treatment, since the very beginning, has treated teens and their families. To take that first step, you can reach us at (888) 295-9995