Effective Outpatient Care at Our Insight Treatment Center

When many people think about getting treatment for alcohol or drug addiction for a teenager. They immediately think that it means going to a residential facility for thirty or sixty days. While some situations may warrant your teenager going to a residential care program. There are highly effective methods available through outpatient care as well that can work well for some teens. Here at our Insight Treatment Center, we offer a unique outpatient program that provides the setting and counseling that can be the ideal program to help your child.

A Comfortable Treatment Environment

We find that making sure that teenagers have a comfortable and safe environment and atmosphere can play a big role in facilitating recovery. We have established our facility in an old villa located in Pasadena. So that we have the safe haven that makes teenagers feel more at home and comfortable while they recover. Your teen can receive the therapy, counseling, and services they require at our location as an outpatient. Allowing them to live at home with you and your family and continue their education while they get the intensive support they need.

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Treatment for More Than Addiction

The treatment we provide at our Insight Treatment center goes beyond helping with just chemical or alcohol dependency. Our team of experts and specialists have experience dealing with mental health issues and behavioral issues. Such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, identity issues, OCD, ADHD, socialization issues and many others. We can provide your child with the services and therapy that will help them learn to deal with the struggles they face so that they get the strategies and support they require most.

Insight Treatment is Here to Help

Our Insight Treatment center is here for your family and your teen so that they can get the outpatient care that will benefit them now and in the future. To talk with us about your child so you can learn just what we can do to assist you. Please contact us at (800) 599-8820. You can speak with our staff confidentially and arrange for you and your child to meet with us for an assessment. So we can help you map out a plan to give your child the support that he or she deserves. Give us a call and you will be a step closer to make your child’s life much better.