Factors Affecting Adolescent Self Esteem

Author: Debby Smith

Adolescence is an important period in everybody’s life. If a man gets into an excellent environment and improvises himself during this age, then he can reach great heights. Whereas, if an adolescent faces tough situation during this period, it will greatly affect his self esteem. Young people who are in their adolescent age are very sensitive and any negative criticism will reduce their self esteem. The environment surrounding adolescent people is a highly influential factor on self esteem.

Physical appearance and beauty – During adolescent age, people will be attracted to those who have good looks. This is very natural during this age because of the change in the hormones in the human body. When a young adult is ignored by his mates just because he is not looking good, then it will greatly affect his self esteem. You can see that people with disabilities lack friends when they are teens because others show less interest to get along with such people. It is necessary that as a parent, you should never leave your kids alone. Make them understand that the world looks at inner potentials rather than outer looks.

Support from friends and family – Adolescent people love to be celebrated by others and they are always looking for mates who can keep them happy. As a parent, you should create a comfortable environment at home so that your kid shares everything with you. Never let your kid do down infront of his friends. Some kids may be embarrassed when you pamper them but this will definitely boost their self esteem and create optimistic thoughts.

Know what you can do and excel in that area – If you are an adolescent, you should start concentrating on your future goals. You must identify your potential and realize what you can do. Improve your skills and talents in your field of interest and try to bring out the best in you. If you achieve something, your pals will have positive thoughts about you and this will help you boost your self esteem.

Understand yourself and try to bring out all positive qualities in you – Every individual in this world has some unique qualities and talents. If you are an adolescent, you are mature enough to identify your ambitions in life. Adolescent period is the right age to groom your potentials and prove yourself. You have to start working on your goals and proceed in the success path without worrying about initial failures.

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