Finding Teen Treatment for Self Harming Behavior

Teenagers experience intense emotions throughout the day. It’s been said that the frontal cortex of the average brain is not done developing until the age of 25. However, teenagers are ever growing and evolving, making them incredibly sensitive to the world and people around them. Teenagers can be easily influenced, while also easily hurt. At young ages most teens are experiencing many “firsts.” First big party, first love, the eb and flow of friendships, planning for their futures, etc. With so many expectations that are put on teens to have their life completely mapped out, most can not handle the pressure. Instead of channeling their aggression or stress into productivity, many teens resort to releasing through harm. Self harm can come in different forms; substance abuse, relationship abuse, or self infliction on the body. There are many other ways in which someone can invite self harm into their lives. If you believe finding teen treatment for self harming behavior is what you need, then involving your teen in a treatment center could be the first way to help them begin understanding more about themselves.

Why Do Teens Choose Self Harm?

Oftentimes teens may choose self harm to distract themselves from other stressors in their lives. Is there too much work to be done for school? Have they recently had a fight with a friend or partner? Is there tension between themselves and their families? When the lines of communication are tight, teens might resort to internalizing their feelings. Without truly opening up and vocalizing their emotions on a consistent level, the stress can build up and become too much for them to handle. This can lead to self sabotaging behavior, which includes sell harm. Teen treatment for self harming behavior is available, however, the teen themselves need to feel motivated to understand themselves and how to better communicate their emotions.

Finding The Strength To Open Up

Opening up to someone means being vulnerable with them. Expressing feelings can make many people uncomfortable, because oftentimes they are opening up during very delicate situations. Teens do not want to be reprimanded or laughed at for feeling what they do. They want to be spoken to as though there is a solution to any and every problem.

Is Your Teen Looking for Treatment?

If you believe teen treatment for self harming behavior is necessary for your teen, contact Insight Treatment. The professional staff can communicate with your teen on an individual or group level and help them better understand how to cope with stressful situations. Contact by calling (626) 564-2703 and our staff can communicate with you directly about options and treatment.