First Steps: How to Deal With Teenager Mental Health Concerns

Deal With Teenager Mental Health

Are you unsure about how to deal with teenager mental health problems? Do you worry that your teen is struggling with their mental health and there’s nothing you can do? As common as that feeling may be, it’s important to realize that there is always something you can do. For starters, you can reach out to us. We offer free evaluations, so we can let you know exactly how we may be able to help your teen. That said, parents often ask us some version of: “what can I do to help my teen’s mental health?” While your teen very well may best benefit from the help of pros, there are some steps you can take around the home. 

Make Home a Safe Place to Share Their Feelings 

It’s a cliche to ask your teen “how was your day” and then they say nothing in response (or just grumble) and go to their room. When you check in with your teen, consider doing it in the context of asking them to help you with a particular task. You can do it while getting dinner ready, cleaning up, walking the dog, or something like that. Moreover, you want to create an environment where they’ll feel safe talking to you. That can be as simple as acknowledging the emotions they may be feeling or just providing them with a few words of encouragement. 

Resolve Conflict in a Healthy Manner 

Everyone knows that it’s not a good idea to talk about an issue when you’re angry, but it can be so difficult to put that into practice. Being as honest and transparent with your teen as possible can be greatly beneficial. If you’re feeling stressed out, let them know. Demonstrating to them how you deal with stress and challenging feelings powerfully demonstrates to them that their feelings are OK, too. 

Support Your Teen, Support Yourself 

Of course, you want your teen to do as well as possible in school, to be successful in the future. But, it’s also important to find ways that you can support your teen in their endeavors while also encouraging them to take breaks. They’re going to feel that much more frustrated if they’re unable to do things that they enjoy (or if they’re unable to feel like they can do things that they enjoy). Here at Insight Treatment, we offer plenty of family therapy and family programs, too, so that parents can discover how best to support their kids through anything. 

 Deal With Teenager Mental Health

How to Deal With Teenager Mental Health Problems at Insight 

Being a teenager was always challenging, but in the last few years, it’s become that much more challenging still. Here at Insight, we never closed our doors, and have been helping teens with their mental health and so much more uninterrupted for many years now. To determine how we best help your teen, you can schedule a free evaluation through our site or by calling us at (888) 295-9995