For Mental Health Among Teenagers, There’s No Stigma in Getting Help

Mental Health Among Teenagers

Does your teen seem like they’re “down” more often than they aren’t? Are you wondering if there’s something that should be done about your teen’s mental health but you aren’t sure what it is? For some, fortunately, they may feel as if there’s some stigma around mental health as if there’s something “wrong” about people who have mental health struggles. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mental health among teenagers can be a concern for just about anyone. Here at Insight Treatment, we can help in a variety of ways. 

Sobering Statistics from Across America 

There are all kinds of statistics that we could quote at you about how more teenagers than many think struggle with their mental health, even those who are seemingly “perfect.” According to the World Health Organization, “depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders are among the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents,” and “the consequence of failing to address adolescent mental health conditions extend to adulthood.” There’s nothing wrong, nothing at all, with reaching out to professionals to see if they can help your child. 

Common Problems with Mental Health Among Teenagers 

Some of the more common signs that we currently see that teenagers are struggling with anxiety, depression, and so forth, aren’t necessarily the ones that parents pick up on immediately. For example, most parents know that if their teen suddenly starts eating too much (or not eating), sleeps all the time (or doesn’t sleep at all), then something is wrong. However, a teen that worries excessively, or has concerns about their future that are extreme and inhibiting their life as well as their usual behavior right now, could potentially benefit from treatment. 


How We Can Help 

Simply, we can help by bringing them into a welcoming environment where they’ll be surrounded by their peers, all of whom are dealing with the same struggles they are. Teenagers only really open up when they’re around other teens, folks just like them. Thus, we created each Insight Treatment at every location to be a kind of clubhouse atmosphere, the sort of place that a teen would want to go to. Our trained, expert staff has a proven track record of helping teens to improve their mental health, and to develop the kinds of skills and abilities that serve them long after they’ve left Insight as well as their adolescence. 

Mental Health Among Teenagers

Let Your Teen Know There’s a Better Way 

As parents, it’s important to let your teen know just about everyone struggles with their mental health at one time or another. There’s nothing wrong at all with reaching out to get help, to talk to someone. That’s not “weak” in the slightest. Rather, it’s strong. It’s taking care of yourself and protecting your health. To see if your teen would best be served by Insight Treatment, schedule a free clinical assessment with a member of our staff. You can do so through our site or by giving us a call.