How and Why Our IOP Can Improve the Mental Health of Teenagers

Mental Health of Teenagers

Are you looking to boost your teen’s mental health but want to make sure that anywhere you take them is a good fit? Have you been wondering whether or not intensive outpatient treatment would be right for your teen? Here at Insight Treatment, improving the mental health of teenagers has been one of our specialties for more than thirty years. In that time, we’ve helped teenagers from all walks of life not just improve their mental health but to also develop the kinds of skills and build the kinds of relationships that help today as well as long into the future. 

A Welcoming Community of Their Peers 

That’s what we’re very proud to have created here at Insight Treatment: a community that teenagers want to be a part of. One of our foundational beliefs has always been that teens only truly open up about their struggles, their dreams, and what’s really going on when they’re surrounded by a community of those who are going through exactly what they are. When your teen steps through our doors, they’ll find others who are just like them, dealing with the same mental health issues. Together, they can learn from each other and grow. 

A Private, Safe Environment 

While we’re proud of the community that we’ve created here, it’s so much more than just the teens themselves. Over the years, we’ve put together an experienced staff of professional teen counselors, therapists, and others from all across the country. Many have struggled with their own mental health in the past, possibly having overcome addictions, and so forth. We hired them not just because of their resumes, education, and so forth, but also because they really know how to work with teens, too, to make them want to open up. 

Building on Support at Home 

As Insight Treatment is an IOP, that means your teens don’t stay here overnight. Instead, they go home. Many also go to school during the day and then come here afterward. That way, your teens can get the treatment they need to improve their mental health all while surrounded by the support system that’s already in place. Family, friends, and more – teens can receive their necessary treatment while still, in so many ways, living their lives. That emotional support is invaluable at essentially every step of the process. 

Mental Health of Teenagers

Boosting the Mental Health of Teenagers for Decades 

Our intensive outpatient program is popular, backed by years of proven results, but it’s also just one of the programs that we offer. For example, for some teens that would best be served by being outside of a traditional school program for a while, we have a teen day program. Here, they’ll receive all of the schoolings through a fully-accredited, private or public distance learning and independent studies programs. What sets these apart is that they offer various levels of coursework that fit the student’s needs. If you think your child could use some help with their mental health, we’re here to provide it. You can reach out to us for a free assessment.