How Our Mental Health Counseling for Teenagers Works

Has your teen been struggling recently? Do you worry that it’s no longer “just a phase” and rather some kind of mental health crisis? Being a teenager is difficult at any time, in any era. However, during this pandemic, when there are challenges that no one has had to face for decades, it can be even more stressful. Even the most diligent, conscientious teenager can struggle with their mental health now. Here at Insight Treatment, we can help. Our mental health counseling for teenagers can help them to develop, to grow, and to ultimately live happier. 

Professional Mental Health Counseling for Teenagers 

When you’re a parent dealing with a teenager who has mental health concerns, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Your teen themselves often feels overwhelmed, too. At Insight, we specifically hire professionals who have done this before. That way, when they interact with teenagers, they can draw upon their years of experience. The challenges your teen faces are unlike any other, but our experts can utilize their tried and true methods to help your teenager to better handle their mental health concerns and ultimately to eliminate them. 

Treating The Underlying Issues 

Our mental health counseling has helped teenagers with any number of concerns. Anxiety, depression, being bipolar, and more – those are some of the mental health challenges that we can work to alleviate. Even teens who are struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, or something similar often have mental health struggles, too. Something substance abuse is often a symptom of something underneath, an underlying trauma. By working with your teenager, we’re able to help them to identify it. Then, from there, we can work on overcoming it for good. In turn, that helps them with any other symptoms, such as substance abuse, self-abuse, and more. 

Teen Support Groups and Teen Socializing 

When we say “mental health counseling,” we don’t mean that your teenager will just be sitting there alone with one therapist for a seemingly endless period of time. Instead, here at Insight, we have teen support groups. In these groups, teens can learn from and interact with each other. It can do so much for a teen to see that they aren’t alone, they aren’t the only person struggling with these same issues. Here’s someone else, going through exactly what they are. This can help develop social skills along with so much else. 

In Person and Otherwise 

At Insight Treatment, we’re going to continue to offer in-person therapy until we can’t anymore. We take responsibility for that, of course, by making sure that our facilities are as safe as possible for anyone who comes through. Beyond that, we have managed to help so many teens throughout this pandemic in multiple ways. That said, for those that are unable to stop by, we can put together online options as well. The truth is that even during a time as challenging as this, there is counseling, there is help, and there is hope. We’re glad to talk at (888) 295-9995 or send us an email.