How to Improve Teenagers’ Mental Health

“Is there anything we can do to improve our teen’s mental health when they aren’t at Insight?” “When they come home at night, what can we do to help the mental health of our teenager?” Those are some of the most common questions that parents ask us. Insight Treatment offers “Intensive Outpatient Treatment,” so your teens go home at the end of the day. Teenagers’ mental health isn’t something that can be switched on and off, so we absolutely understand wanting to do everything you can to help your teen even when they’re not here. Below are some things you can do around the home that could be of benefit. 

Support Them in Expressing Their Feelings 

You love your teen so much, yet it’s perfectly understandable that, at times, it can feel uncomfortable to understand or acknowledge some of the emotions that they’re experiencing, what they’re going through. When that happens, make sure that you’re always making it clear that you support them no matter what. Finding ways to check in with your teen, to let them know that you want them to tell you what they’re thinking, how they’re feeling, even just how their day has gone, and so forth, can be so vital. Even saying a couple encouraging words could be what it takes for them to share a bit with you, to open up about their feelings. 

Support Them in Resolving Conflicts 

When you’re arguing with your teen, when they’re doing something that makes you unhappy, it’s understandable that you get stressed out, that you get frustrated. Those are the moments that, challenging though it may be, you remember that everyone gets frustrated, stressed out, and so forth. Trying to discuss issues with your teen when you’re stressed out rarely goes well at all. It’s perfectly fine to take a deep breath, take a step away, and come back to the topic later. Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with being honest with them, and telling your teen about the stress you’re dealing with, too. That can show them that acknowledging tough feelings is all right. 

Teenagers Mental Health

Don’t Forget About Your Mental Health 

When your child is struggling, of course you want to put all of your focus on them, doing everything you can to help them. But, you don’t want to let your own mental health slide, either. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. Find someone that you can talk to, whether it’s a family member, friend, and so forth. Find the time to do things that help you to better manage stress, to cope positively. 

A Place That Has Improved Teenager Mental Health for Years 

In addition to helping the mental health of teenagers, we have plenty of programs for parents, too. Indeed, we have so many parent support groups, where you can learn from other parents going through exactly what you are now, sharing strategies, support, and successes. To get started with Insight Treatment, you can schedule a free clinical assessment.