How To Tell If Your Child Has a Teen Alcohol Problem

teen alcohol problem
Do you worry that your child has done much more than just take an “experimental sip” of alcohol? Have you begun to fear that your child has developed a real problem with alcohol? Obviously, no parent wants their child to drink. Adolescent years are a time of experimentation, yes, but the drinking age is still 21. Unfortunately, a teen alcohol problem can be a very real thing. If you believe that’s what your child has our professionals here at Insight are ready to help. 


What to Keep in Mind 

If you’ve ever looked online for “signs that your teenager has a problem with alcohol,” you’ll notice one thing very quickly: plenty of these “problem with alcohol” signs are the same as “signs that your teenager is a teenager.” Taken in isolation, one sign or another could just be a sign that your teen is going through a rough patch, and so forth. However, it’s when they add up, when your teen exhibits multiple signs all at once, that it may be time to be truly concerned. 


What to Look For 

Perhaps the clearest and most obvious sign that your teen has a problem with alcohol is that their schoolwork as well as their after-school activities “fall off a cliff” so to speak. A sudden, profound drop in grades that dovetails with your teen no longer caring and showing any interest in extracurricular activities is one of the most obvious signs there is. What this could mean is that alcohol has replaced everything that they used to do around school. 


What to Notice 

There are some obvious signs that a teenager is drinking or even drunk when you’re speaking to them. Some of them are obvious, they might seem very uncoordinated, they might slur their speech, and so forth. However it could also be that their skin is often flushed, or that they’re always drowsy yet still struggle with sleeping – those are signs of alcohol problems, too. Some teens with alcohol issues struggle with concentration or memory. Their behavior might all of a sudden change dramatically and seemingly inexplicably. Again, if this just happens once or twice, there could be some more innocent explanation. However, if it happens again and again, adding up over time, then you may have to question whether or not your teen has a problem. 


A Place to Solve a Teen Alcohol Problem 

We understand how scary it can be to consider that your teenager may struggle with alcohol or some other substance, how powerless you can feel. It’s important to realize that other parents, other teenagers, other families have been right where you are now. They were able to pull through, to find out what underlying issues caused the alcohol problem and then, to ultimately overcome it. Here at Insight Treatment, we’ve helped so many people who are right where you are now to get “back on the right track,” so to speak. For more: (888) 295-9995.