Insight Drug Rehab Programs

We know that there are many drug rehab programs for you to choose from. However, our Insight drug rehab programs are made for teenagers. Teens have different reasons for doing drugs and battling addictions than adults would. So, by that reasoning, they should be treated differently, too. The programs we use in our drug rehab have been specifically made for teenagers by trained professionals. In this blog, we’ll go over some methods we use in drug rehab as well as why they might be the best answer for your teen.

Our Drug Rehab Programs

No matter how we treat a teen’s drug rehab, the bedrock principle is the same: patients can fully recover from any and all addictions by giving them the opportunity to participate in natural healing. Typically, that means that the patient sits down with our experts in an initial assessment. These are free and easy to schedule. We’re always willing to sit down with new people to figure out how we can best help them. We know it’s not always easy to reach out to someone when your teen is struggling. That’s why we offer these free consultations: so that it’s easy to start a new path, a new journey towards a better life.

An Individual Recovery Plan

After our experts sit down with you and your teen, that’s what they’ll get to work on: an individual recovery plan. The key word to that is “individual.” This is not a plan that “usually works” on teens, or a recovery plan “for many teens.” No, this is an individual recovery plan for your specific teen. This means that the plan is put together for your teen and your teen alone. How it works is that our experts look at what has worked in the past, and then use their expertise to see how that can best fit your teen. The customized plan they make for your teen is unique to your teen, but built upon a foundation of proven success.

Insight Drug Rehab Programs

Focus Treatment Areas

While each of our treatment plans is specific for the teenager, many of them do have certain similarities. For example, almost all of our treatment plans focused on relapse prevention and mental health as well as familial, social and professional dynamics. Those are all important to a teen’s continued growth and change. Indeed, interaction with the family is critical. It’s one of the most important factors towards supporting a teen’s long-term change. It’s important to note that we begin this process during the initial assessment, but it doesn’t end once your teen has beaten their addiction. Indeed, this is an ongoing process, to make sure that your teen gets the positive results they need for their continued, long-lasting success.

Multi-Modality Approach

Life skill building is an important facet of our treatment. We make sure that our treatment empowers teens for their personal growth. After all, these life skills will be important for the rest of their life, not just their teen years. By making sure that teenagers have the skills they need, they can lead better lives even long after they’re teenagers. To that end, we make sure to offer assistance in terms of parent education programs and family counseling, too. That can help the parents as well as the teenagers. The parents are always going to be the teenager’s parents, so making sure that they’re involved with the treatment can lead to continued success.

Our outpatient program doesn’t just take place after school. Indeed, our programs include structured weekend plans, too. There, our clients attend daily sessions and group therapy that covers alcohol and drug education. Of course, these sessions aren’t just going over drugs; they help kids to develop life skills as well. We even help them with meditation, as that can help to prevent relapse. It’s important to reward the teenager as they progress, too. We reduce the number of days a week they have to attend as they grow.

By providing teens with structure and support as they work to recover, we can help them to grow into a better life. Indeed, that’s the end goal of completing all of the phases of our outpatient program. Teens are influenced by their peers. Here at Insight, we make sure to surround teens with a positive peer group. By “positive,” we mean a peer group that lives a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. Indeed, they support and reward positive behavior as well as healthy changes. Once you change the system that promotes maladaptive behaviors, teens have a chance. If your teen is struggling where they are now, things don’t have to stay that way. There is a better, healthier environment available. To schedule a free consultation, just give us a call at or head to the Insight Treatment Program website.