Insight Treatment Center Presents: The Dolphin Safari Experience

Insight Treatment Programs believes that nature has an amazing way to create community and bring people together. For that reason, we created Dolphin Safari in collaboration with Benchmark Traditions.
The Dolphin Safari is an excursion in the ocean that brings mental health providers that share the same interest for adolescents. This way professionals have the opportunity to meet other professionals, change updates, and discuss Mental Health.
dolphin safari insight treatment
The journey will start in Marina del Rey with bagels and coffee taking off around 10:30 am, doing a round trip in the open ocean of about one hour and thirty minutes. During this round trip, we search for pockets of dolphins and whales. Usually, we have the luck to see the dolphins. As a reminder its important to bring comfortable shoes and warm clothes.
Looking forward to having you in our next Dolphin Safari experience with Benchmark Traditions.
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