Insight Treatment: Committed to Helping the Mental Health of Teenagers

Mental Health Teeangers

Have you tried everything to alleviate your child’s mental health problems but nothing seems to work? Does it feel like your child’s depression, anxiety, or other mental health concern just never goes away? That’s more common than you might realize. Here at Insight Treatment, we’ve been treating the mental health of teenagers for decades. In the last few years, we’ve had more teens than ever come to us for help with their mental health. There are plenty of reasons that more parents and their teens are turning to intensive outpatient treatment. 

IOP Benefits 

Here, your teen will be in a supportive environment surrounded by their peers. Insight Treatment only treats teens and always has. That way, teens are always with those who are dealing with the same issues that they are. By that same token, our scheduling is flexible, and we have many options available for you and your teen. For example, many teens come here after school, but we also have a day program, school support, and much more. 

Qualified Team 

Every Insight Treatment utilizes a multimodal approach. Essentially, in this context, it means that we use everything possible to treat your teen, with an understanding that communication and presentation are about more than just the language used. To that end, we have an experienced team of licensed psychologists and their psychologist assistants, certified drug and alcohol counsellors, and more to be able to provide clinical services to our clients as well as to their families. One of those will be to perform a free and thorough evaluation of your teen. Once that’s done, the team will sit down with your family to figure out the best way to address your teen’s issues. 

Groups for Teens and Groups for Parents 

Teen group therapy is a major part of just about every teen’s treatment plan here at Insight. These groups let teens know that they aren’t alone. There are others, their peers, going through what they are. Your teen can see the teens who have been in treatment longer, learning from them. Along the way, these groups help to foster confidence and plenty of social skills, too. Then, in time, your teen can help those who have just started with our supportive, welcoming community. 

 Mental Health Teeangers

Treatment to Boost the Mental Health of Teenagers 

There are many Insight Treatments throughout California, but each of them has the same environment. Each was specifically designed to have a kind of “clubhouse” atmosphere, to be the sort of location that teens would absolutely want to go to. Yes, treatment is always the focus. And, a significant part of that is being somewhere they can relax with other teens, play games with other teens, and develop what’s necessary for lasting, healthy relationships. To schedule a free evaluation with one of our experts and start the process, you can message us through our site or call (888) 295-9995.