Insight Treatment for Patients with Mental Health Problems

The treatments provided here at Insight Treatment follow the National Institute for Health and Care (NICE). Many of our patients here do not realize that they are experiencing issues until they have come to their senses. 


Treatments Available at Insight Treatment

There are various options available for teens with mental health problems. One of them is talking treatment. It is an option that allows you to talk about your thoughts with a trained professional. 


This type of treatment can assist in dealing with a certain problem while coping with certain memories or experiences. It can also improve your relationships with others, as well as develop ways on how to live your day-to-day situation. 

Insight Treatment

The most important thing in talking treatment is to choose a style that you are comfortable with. When you talk to our counselors, they can assist you in finding the right option for your case. After the assessment, they can assist you in finding the best counselor based on your specific mental health problem. 


Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Effective? 

One of the ways to deal with mental health issues is to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy. It is an effective treatment that aims to find connections between your feelings and thoughts. It can also help in developing some skills to manage your negative patterns. 


Teens who are undergoing this type of treatment see a lot of improvements in their behavior. The reason for this is that this therapy allows them to see things rationally. They can distinguish between reality and what is just inside their head. 


The treatment we offer here is an outpatient basis. However, the procedure is intensive. And it does not just tackle the teens but also their families. We believe that mental health problems can only be treated when all aspects of the patients’ lives are being addressed. 


In that case, we only use a therapy that can handle psychological, emotional, academic, familial and biological factors, among others. We believe that every family or patient is different. In that case, we always customize the treatment of each patient to better address the issues. 


Our individualized treatment is customized to every family’s goals. It does not matter what type of mental health issue you are suffering from, we are here to guide you throughout the process of healing and recovering. 


At Insight Treatment, we do not just offer a teen drug rehab problem. What we offer is a drug and alcohol outpatient therapy that will guarantee that you will heal. 


The therapy involves addressing your chemical dependency. It also handles emotional and behavioral problems. Intensive treatment is necessary to help you achieve long-term sobriety. Our intensive outpatient treatment will assist you to develop skills that can boost your recovery from drug and alcohol use. 


Our Insight Treatment facilities are available in various locations, like Pasadena, El Segundo, and Van Nuys. The therapy provided here is designed for teens aged 14 to 19. We can help teens who are struggling with mental health issues, behavioral problems, depression, and social issues. To inquire about our treatments, please contact (818) 532-5990 (Van Nuys), (626) 542-1090 (Pasadena) and (424) 201-2868 (El Segundo).