Local Students Visited our Teen Counseling Location in Pasadena!

Insight continues to spread our reach into the community! Students from a school local to our teen counseling location in Pasadena. They were welcomed to tour the facility and learn a little about what we do. In the picture you can see the students speaking with a therapist and a counselor from our program. They also watched a short video about how our program helps teens and their families. So many great questions were asked by these curious teens who interested in finding careers helping others! These teens learned about how a treatment program operates, what we do, and our day to day activities.

teen counseling pasadena

Insight’s Teen Counseling in Pasadena is Open to the Community

Insight takes pride in our efforts to provide education and bring awareness to Substance Use and Mental Health issues among teenagers. Teens are currently being effected by these issues at such alarming rates, which is why we feel this work is so important. We invite and welcome school staff and students come learn more about how we are working to help teens and their families. If you have a school club or group of students interested in learning more please contact Eddie our Community Resource Coordinator, at eddie@insighttreatment.com