Mental Health Counseling for Teenagers

Have you been researching mental health counseling for teenagers yet it doesn’t feel like any of the options really stand out? Does it seem like each Southern California teen treatment facility has all of the fun and personality of an office building? At Insight Treatment, we understand that teenagers are, well, teenagers. They deserve to have treatments (as well as treatment facilities) that are just right for them. That’s something we’ve kept in mind when designing each of our facilities throughout Southern California. 

“Creative Warehouse Environment” 

Those are the words we chose to describe our El Segundo facility, but really, it fits many of them. The building resembles a warehouse, but really that’s what makes it all the more accessible and safe for teenagers. In the past, the warehouse setting meant that there was more room for kids to just hang out, read, workout, play table tennis, Foosball, and more. Now, it means that we can make it all that much safer and COVID-19 conscious. Whether they’re climbing the rock wall, in group therapy, or doing anything else, they’ll be in a safe environment where they can learn, discover, and grow. 

“Clubhouse Feel” 

Even our facilities that aren’t former warehouses are COVID-19 safe, of course. That said, they have a feel all their own. For example, our Van Nuys environment is one more place where teens can interact with each other, better developing those important social skills and peer relationships that can make a lasting difference once they leave Insight Treatment. Of course, they’ll make a lasting difference while they’re here at Insight Treatment, too, especially perhaps while doing the hard clinical work of exploring and ultimately overcoming their challenges. 

“Welcoming Home” 

No matter which of our facilities you go to, no matter their size, they each have a “welcoming home” ambiance. Perhaps none personify that better than our Pasadena location. We transformed a gorgeous, antique Craftsman house into a safe, comfortable space. Here, teens as well as their families can be inspired by the unique atmosphere. The Santa Clarita and Modesto facilities, while very much not having been constructed of old Craftsman homes, are no less welcoming. The truth is that no matter which Insight Treatment you send your child to, they’ll receive the level of care they need. Yes, as the screenshot/video tells you, the Modesto facility does have a dog. 

Mental Health Counseling for Teenagers Anywhere 

We understand that, as welcoming as each of our facilities are, there are some parents and teens who aren’t going to be 100% comfortable going to an in-person, COVID-19 safe space. That’s why, on a limited basis, we do offer telehealth services. That said, our doors are open. They’re going to remain that way, too. As long as we’re allowed to provide in-person treatment for teens and families (and, as of this writing, it certainly looks like nothing is going to cause them to close) we’ll do so. For more, just reach out to us at (888) 295-9995.