More Than Just Drug Rehabilitation for Teens at Insight

Do you want to find somewhere that provides alcohol and drug rehabilitation for teens but also offers more than that? Does it seem like every “teen treatment facility” just looks sterile and off-putting, the kind of place that your teen would never actually want to go? At Insight Treatment, we firmly believe that for teenagers to get the possible care from a facility, the facility should be a place that they wouldn’t hate spending time at. That’s why we’ve designed each of our facilities (as well as several of our activities) around the idea that treatment shouldn’t just be rigorous clinical work – it should be fun, too. 

Rehabilitation For Teens 

Over the years, we’ve talked to so many parents and their teens during the assessment process. That phrase, “a fresh start” comes up so often. The truth is that starting over can feel a bit scary, certainly, as any new endeavor can be. However, it can also be exciting, too. Here at Insight Treatment, we can help your teen to have the kind of fresh start that will help your teen to become a better version of themselves, one that can build the life they want. In all our treatments, it’s important that we help teens to realize they are capable of making their dreams a reality. 

Group Therapy and More 

Teens like being on the phone, playing video games, being in front of a screen. That’s fine in moderate amounts. However, spending too much time in front of a screen (particularly while not going outside) can take a real toll on a teen’s (or anyone’s) mental as well as physical health. So, here at Insight Treatment, we absolutely make sure that teens have ample opportunity to be on their phones, computers, and so forth. But, we also incorporate plenty of outdoor activities and events, too. This doesn’t just help with mental and physical health, of course – it does wonders for socialization and developing life skills, too. 

Trained, Experienced Medical Professionals 

All of the above is overseen by our qualified, top-flight staff. They’ve helped so many teens as well as their families through the difficult process of recovery and rehabilitation. While every teen and every family is different (and deserves a treatment plan that reflects that) our staff’s experience is invaluable in helping to get the most out of treatment. So many times over the years, the teen that seemed to be facing the most challenges, in dire circumstances, was one more who was able to leave here and live the life they wanted. 

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation for Teens No Matter What 

Our doors have remained open throughout the pandemic. That’s a testament to our staff, of course, who have done a remarkable job of, on the fly, making sure that each and every one of our facilities were compliant with any and all relevant CDC/COVID-19 related guidelines. Our facilities are safe places for teens, in many ways. To get started, you can reach us at (888) 295-9995.