Parents Supporting Parents

Parents who are raising troubled teenagers can benefit from our Parent Support Group. The Parents Supporting Parents group at Insight Treatment provides them the opportunity to find comfort and advice from fellow parents who are also undergoing the same situation as them. At first, parents may find it difficult to accept the point of participating in this group. After all, it is their teens who need help and not them.

What is parent support group all about?

Serious problems of a teenager will usually have a substantial impact on their parents. As a parent, you have to put up with your teen and the consequences of his poor behavior. With support groups for parents, you can exchange information to other parents experiencing the same thing as yours.

The Parent Support Group offered at Insight Treatment in both Sherman Oaks, and Pasadena will help reduce your stress and assist you in finding ways to cope with your troubled kid. Attending this support group is like being educated, coached and cared of by others parents.

One of the main benefits of attending this support group is that you will be with other parents or people who know and understand what you are going through. You will also gain a sense of hope from other parents whose teenagers are making progress in their recovery.

At Insight Treatment, we encourage parents to brainstorm ideas to find out the proper ways to respond to their difficult teenagers. Then, they help one another in sorting out thoughts about their teens and make plans on how to take affirmative action.

The support group for parents utilizes process-oriented and psycho-educational methods. These two approaches offer parents the skills and support that they need to deal with their troubled teens who are having issues with drug abuse and alcohol use. It is also ideal for parents whose teens are depressed and with behavioral problems.

Our therapists and counselors can give you feedback about whether you are over or underacting to your kids’ problems. But most of all, you will find solace knowing that you are not alone in these trying times. While you listen to other parents and know their mistakes, you can avoid them and choose those methods that will only work.

Parent coaching at Insight Treatment is available either through a telephone or in-person session. Your session is individualized to meet your unique needs as a parent of a troubled teenager.

To find solace for what you are going through, please call our support group at (800) 599-8820

parents supporting parents