Parent Testimonials

"Several years ago my daughter was struggling with drugs and alcohol and upon a recommendation from her college counselor, we went to Insight. The family treatment therapy program has not only given me my daughter back, it has taught me how to have all the people in my family be a part of my life in a huge way. As she got sober and began therapy, all the things that were issues that caused her to seek out drugs and alcohol were addressed one by one. With the support and growth from all of us she has found her peace and happiness again that she lost as a small child. There is no quick fix; getting sober is only the tip of the iceberg. The team at Insight ensures the initial sobriety becomes a healthy lifestyle choice–as the core issues are dealt with, the choices become healthy. It requires dedication, not only from the child, but the parents have to be committed wholeheartedly as well. In order for there to be success you must work hard, but the result will be a wonderful transition and you will see the loving, happy “child” you once knew. I will be forever grateful for the learning experience and to have my daughter and my family in my life in a healthy, supportive, growing, and loving way."

Cathi P.

"When we first were recommended to Insight Treatment program we really didn’t know what to expect.  We knew our child was in trouble and we were scared of the future.  There are 2 major components to your child’s recovery. 1) Your child’s participation. 2) The parents buying into the program and holding the line. My child was an easier patient than I was. We wanted nothing more than getting our child sober and tools so that our child would have the best chance of sustaining continuing sobriety.  After researching addiction I was quick to realize that our best chance was an intense, long-term program.  There is no time frame as to how long the Insight program will take for your child to graduate.   Every child’s program is based on the individual child and it will depend on how much hard work and dedication the kid puts into their recovery. This is not an easy fix; the entire family must fully participate.  There is constant support from the other families and staff and there is always someone on call if you need help.  We are very grateful for Insight and look forward to a bright future for our child. My analogy is that if you were on the Titanic and could see the ship going down you can stay on the ship and pray or you can get yourself and your family in a life raft ASAP.  We all know what happened to those who stayed and hope for the best. I am eternally grateful to Insight. Thank you, Victoria"