There is Pasadena Help for Substance Abuse for Your Child

When your child has a substance abuse problem, it affects the entire family. You not only see the physical and psychological damage it can cause to your teenager, but the rest of your family must go through the pain, stress, and sorrow of the situation as well. It is up to you as a parent to do all you can and take the necessary steps to help your child now, but you may feel overwhelmed by the situation and unsure of where you should turn for help. You need to know that if you are in the Pasadena area that there is Pasadena help for substance abuse for your child right here at Insight Treatment.


pasadena help for substance abuse for your child

Offering an Intensive Program

At Insight Treatment, we offer a very intensive outpatient program that can provide a successful, long-term solution for your child and your family. Our program is an outpatient program designed specifically for teenagers and young adults that experience substance abuse issues and mental health disorders. Each client undergoes an assessment by our team of experienced professionals to help determine what the best approach and treatment programs are for the individual so they can have the best chance at recovery. There is a strong emphasis on the development of personal skills so your teen can learn the strategies they need most to assist them physically and emotionally and this time and in the future.

The Education That is Needed

When you come to us for Pasadena help for substance abuse, we work closely with your teen and your entire family to build a proper support structure that leads to successful recovery. Your teen will gain the insight, education, and skills necessary to learn to cope, manage and overcome issues that they face regarding alcohol and substance abuse. We also offer family counseling, family education programs and parental support groups so that you and your family can learn as well and provide your teen with the support and structure they need in home life.


Work Towards a Better Life

To help your child work towards a better life and overcome their addiction problems, you want to come to us at Insight Treatment for the Pasadena help for substance abuse that your teen needs. You can find out more about our programs and services by going to our website at You can also phone us at 800-599-8820 and speak with our staff so you can learn more about us, our location and the first steps you can take to help your teen.