Signs it May Be Time to Seek Teen Treatment for Self-Harming Behaviors

Teen Treatment for Self-Harming

Have you begun to worry that your teen is hurting themselves on purpose? Does it seem as if your teen has harmed themselves but you aren’t 100% certain? No one wants to think that their teen has been hurting themselves but there are certain signs to look for. Each of these signs, in isolation, may not be enough to definitively know that your teen has been engaging in self-harm. However, if you believe that your teen needs help, it’s worth it to seek out teen treatment for self-harming behaviors here at Insight Treatment. 

Symptoms You Can See 

Have you begun to notice that your teen has wounds that they or you cannot explain? Perhaps they have bruises or cuts on their arms, scratches on their wrists, thighs, torso, or the like? Maybe they’ve told you that they’re from an accident but you don’t quite buy it. Maybe you’ve noticed blood stains on their bedding, their towels, their clothes, or elsewhere. It could even be that in hot weather(or any other kind) they’re always wearing clothes that cover up their skin, making it hard to notice these wounds. Again, if it happens once or twice, it could be an accident, they might just like heavy clothes, etc. But, if a pattern emerges, they may need help. 

Symptoms You May Not Be Able to See 

Some of the symptoms of self-harm aren’t something that you can visually see, but rather something you can sense or experience. For example, it could be that they engage in behavior that’s unstable or impulsive often. Perhaps they have real difficulties with relationships, or you hear them often expressing how they feel worthless, hopeless, and similar sentiments. It could even be that you notice they constantly avoid having to be in a situation where they would need to reveal their skin. 

Self-Harming Behaviors are Symptoms 

It’s important to note that self-harm, no matter what form it takes, is a kind of symptom. Indeed, that’s what our treatment focuses on here at Insight Treatment: finding the underlying causes of these symptoms. Treating the symptoms themselves can lead to ephemeral success. Treating the symptom as opposed to the cause means that the cause can lead to the symptom returning. Here, however, we treat the cause itself, so that your teen can replace self-destructive coping behaviors (such as self-harm) with positive, healthy, self-affirming ones. 

 Teen Treatment for Self-Harming

Effective Teen Treatment for Self-Harming Behaviors 

Over the years, we’ve been able to help so many teenagers to be able to overcome their underlying causes which have led to self-harm. Moreover, we help more than just the teens themselves, as we have support groups for the entire family as well. If you want help or even just more information, you can reach us through our site or by calling (888) 295-9995.