Teen Alcohol Problem How to Read the Signs

Have you been worried that your child may have a problem with alcohol? Does it feel like your teenager has possibly begun abusing alcohol or other substances? These are serious concerns that parents have to face every day. By being aware of the signs and symptoms, you can make the best, most informed decisions for your child as well as your family. If you decide to seek treatment for a teen alcohol program, your child will be able to find a supportive and empowering community here at Insight Treatment. 

 Teen Alcohol Problem 

One thing we find when parents look up “signs of a substance abuse problem” is that they can tend to describe something that there could be a perfectly benign explanation for. To use one example, signs of alcoholism for teenagers could include bloodshot eyes, fatigue, and a lack of caring about hygiene and/or grooming. Of course, those could also be signs that a teenager is depressed, is going through a “rough patch,” and so forth. Something to look for: when you see these signs often, when they appear in conjunction with others over a period of time, and so forth.

Work and Social Signs 

If your child’s grades fall precipitously, that could be one of the clearer signs that they’re having some kind of problem. Another common one: not going to school or even some of their favorite activities. The teenager that has an alcohol problem is far more likely to stop going to practices, rehearsals, and so forth. Again, missing once or twice could be explained, but when it happens often, and when some of the other signs in this blog appear, then you have to take it all into account. 

Emotional Signs and “Putting It All Together” 

Teenagers, by their very nature, want to establish their independence from their parents. Odds are, they’re going to want more privacy, and more control over their own lives. Mood swings, arguments, and the like are common parts of adolescents. But, when they become more common, when teenagers lie about where they’re going time and time again, then it behooves the parent to “put one and one together,” so to speak. If you believe that your teenager might have a problem, reaching out sooner is certainly a better idea than doing so later. 

Insight for Your Teenager 

It can be nerve-wracking, determining whether or not that your teenager has a serious problem that needs help. This is one more area where our Insight Treatment professionals can help. You can reach out to us and we’ll give your teenager a thorough assessment. From there, we can figure out the best way that we can help your child as well as your entire family. If your teenager needs help, we can step right in to provide it. If there’s something else going on, we can provide you with the best path forward there, as well. To start the process and know definitively, you can reach out to us at (888) 295-9995 or fill out our contact form.