Teen Counseling for Depression: More than Just Rehab

Does it seem like your child has mental health issues that, despite everyone’s best efforts, seem to be worsening? Have therapists and other medical professionals tried to treat your child’s symptoms yet, even after some success, they seem to come back? It can be an awful, powerless feeling to see your child struggle with depression and other mental health issues. Here at Insight Treatment, we offer more than just rehab services. Indeed, our teen counseling for depression and other mental health challenges has helped so many teens over the years. 

Teen Counseling for Depression and More 

While we’re known for being a rehab for teens dealing with substance abuse issues, the truth is that we can help with so much more than that. For example, we’ve assisted so many teens who’ve been struggling with disorders and symptoms as varied as panic attacks and self-esteem issues, trust issues to eating disorders, sexual identity issues to self-harm, OCD, bipolar, and so much more. It is likely that, at some point over the last so many years, we’ve helped teens with struggles similar to what your teen is dealing with now. We can put that experience to work for you. 

How We Deal With the Underlying Issues 

The truth is that addictive behaviors, suicidal ones, self-harm, and the like, are symptoms. They’re awful symptoms, but symptoms nonetheless. For the most part, we can deal with them, even eliminating them in a short period of time. But, (and this is important), it’s the underlying issue that causes the symptoms that require a professional team working for an extended period of time. Childhood traumas, depression, ADHD, and similar underlying issues are what’s causing the symptoms to manifest. If you think of it like a tree, the addictive and suicidal behaviors are the plant, what you see. The underlying issues are the root, buried in the ground. That’s what we deal with. 

An Environment Conducive to Safety and Growth 

When we started Insight Treatment, too many teen treatment facilities were, well, facilities. They were office buildings, medical buildings; sterile places that, frankly, teens would be unlikely to want to willingly go to. We’ve always designed Insight Treatment to be something else. Specifically, we’ve made it to be a fun, creative clubhouse environment. Here, unlike an office, teens can relax. They can play. They can build positive, great relationships with peers just by hanging out. That’s the kind of environment that kids can open up in, too. 

What it Takes 

When a child is depressed, there’s a reason for it. It doesn’t “come out of nowhere.” There’s something causing it. They may not know what it is or even be aware of it. But, by working with our team, by coming here to Insight, we can work to figure out exactly what that is. Then, we can work with your teen to help them to ultimately overcome it, to live the life that they want. To start the process, call (888) 295-9995.