Teen Counseling for Kids Struggling in School

Let’s face it, being bored is a favorite pastime for teenagers. We were there once, slumping in our chairs, snoozing off during lectures, fantasizing about who knows what. We can relate. While it’s the norm to not feel 100% all the time, there are some signs teens show that they’re not in a good place in school, and need an intervention. A way to help your kid bounce back and prosper in school is with teen counseling.

Some of the signs

It’s normal to have off days but we have to look out for patterns. Recurring signs may indicate a bigger issue than simply being bored that needs to be addressed. Some signs your teen may show include: refraining from talking about their schoolwork and days at school, an expressed boredom at school, avoiding school events such as parent-teacher conference or holiday parties, receiving low grades, spending an excessive amount of time or no time at all on homework, getting reprimanded by school officials, isolating, and increasing or decreasing sleep and food intake. What these signs may tell you about your child is that they’re having trouble in their ability to learn (which may be a symptom of a disorder such as ADHD), are engaging in substance use, may be struggling with their identity and sexuality, or are being bullied.

teen counseling

Teen counseling

If your kid checks any of the above, you can consider teen counseling to improve their school performance and overall well-being. Teen counseling is psychotherapy focused on the teen experience. It’s intended to help young people navigate through issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, self-esteem, stress, anger, and more. With teen counseling, adolescents pick up on coping skills they can carry into their adulthood that will help them make healthy choices. 

Moreover, Insight treatment can help kids who are struggling in school and are dealing with substance abuse issues. They provide a year-round program and a summer intensive. Insight Academy, which offers teens with an alternative to traditional schooling, partners with accredited private and public distance learning programs so that students can achieve their educational needs and graduation requirements–sans external distractions that may interfere with recovery. Whereas Insight Summer Program provides teens with an unstructured intensive filled with self-improvement activities to enrich your child’s life and support their recovery. 

More support methods

Throughout the duration of your teen’s recovery and participation in teen counseling, you can also provide them with additional support to increase their success in school. This includes letting them openly express their emotions and feelings about their struggles (which may materialize as an outburst), your participation in the matter, and the recovery program. A rational conversation doesn’t have to follow. Sometimes a child just wants to be heard. You can also help organize your teen so that they feel a sense of groundedness amongst the chaos, plus it will develop into a life-long skill. Consider labeling items with them, showing them how to file important documents, and creating a calendar together that will promote good habits.

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