Teen Counseling in Los Angeles, Getting Started

One of the most common questions we’re asked is: “how does it all begin?” Have you been considering a rehab for your teenager but whenever you’re determining whether or not to reach out, something stops you? That’s perfectly understandable. Deciding on a treatment program for your child is a very big decision. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer the highest quality treatment and teen counseling in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. To dispel any misconceptions, we’ve laid out in detail how the placement process works here. 

Teen Counseling in Los Angeles

Care, attention, and support – that’s what you and your teen will always be provided with at Insight Treatment. Moreover, that starts from the moment your teen arrives at our facility. We know what a momentous decision and life change this can be. Moreover, we understand what your teen and your family are going through. So, that’s why we waste no time. Soon as your teen arrives, our team performs a thorough and comprehensive evaluation. 

Information to Build a Foundation 

This evaluation is as detailed as can be. That means connecting with your teenager and you. Then, from there, getting as much info as possible about what’s going on with your child’s psyche, any emotional problems they may have, their behaviors, any issues in the family, how they’re doing socially, if there are any behavioral concerns, that kind of thing. Of course, this will touch on drug and alcohol abuse first and foremost. That said, it will also take into account such other factors as your child’s physical health, how they’re doing in school, even their nutrition, hygiene, and more. With all of that information in hand, our team gets right to work. 

Our Team, Your Teen’s Treatment Plan 

Specifically, they get right to work on building your teen a treatment program that works for them. There’s no “one size fits all” treatment here. Instead, we use all of that information we received during the evaluation to put together a plan that can help your teen from the word “go.” That information can help us to build a clinical picture of your child’s problems, yes, but also, the underlying symptoms and factors, too. Then, much of our counseling and treatment will be about addressing those, helping your teen to overcome them so that they can then overcome their other problems, too. 

Teen Counseling in Los Angeles and Beyond 

It’s understandable if you’ve read to this part of this blog and thought: “Wow, that sounds like a lot.” We always make sure to include the family in every step of the process. In fact, we’ll take the time to make sure to educate your family about what’s going on, all backed up by the scientific data that matters. We will be, quite literally, by your teen’s side (and by extension, yours) every step of the way. At Insight, our experts are more than happy to address any questions you might have at (888) 295-9995.