Teen Depression – Symptoms of Teenage Depression

Author: peterhutch

Teen depression comes in two forms. It can be a simple episode in which they are upset because of a break up. Or, it can come in a constant, heavy depression that can and does destroy lives. There are many things that you, as a parent can do to keep your child out of this condition. Teen depression is serious and should be handled in the right way.

Teenagers with depression do not exhibit the same behavior as adults with depression and the difficulty for many parents is that much of the behavior that is diagnostically attributed to teenage depression, are the behaviors that most of experience with out teens at some stage.

For teens, a depressed mood is common because it coincides with the crucial growing up stages-including the normal body maturation process, raging hormones and other stress related factors. Because of supposedly normal adolescent behavior, genuine depression is harder to detect amongst teenagers and this poses a problem for those who are truly afflicted with the disorder.

Depression can be caused by any single or combination of biological, psychological and social factors. Biological factors that play a role in depression include infections, endocrinal problems, hormonal imbalances, hypoglycemia, exposure to toxic substances, improper diet, anemia, and even certain medications. Psychological causes involve elements that predispose people to become depressed as a result of their unhealthy self-esteem and negative attitude towards others, the world around them, and the future.

Unfortunately, many teenagers have the tendency to abuse their own bodies when they don’t feel well. If they don’t act this way, they may even suffer from panic attacks. However, they don’t believe they are suicidal… They don’t want to receive treatment from a professional, mainly because they hate them, and they simply carry on in this way until something worse happens.

Your depression will be cured with the new attitude you will adopt in your life henceforth, because humanity needs you and because you need a purpose in your life.

Just like in adult depression, the signs of teen depression include such things as a depressed mood, withdrawal from activities and friends, a change in eating habits, thoughts of suicide, trouble sleeping, loss of ability to feel pleasure and so on. These symptoms can appear in a multitude of combinations, but the key is that they will show up and last for more than two weeks at a time.

Teens tend to resort to hurting themselves, being alcoholics, drug addicts and committing suicides because they think through these they could escape the undesirable world that they are facing at the moment. Every parent should know what is teen depression in order relate to their children and know their actual conditional and feelings to avoid the beginning of depression.

It is often a little difficult to identify these symptoms or signs because the teens are characterized by weird behavior in general. However, with a little perseverance and careful observation you could be successful in identifying the signs of teen depression, if present.

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