Teen Drug Treatment that’s There for Teens No Matter What

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many facilities shut down. This was for any number of reasons: money, safety, and others. Here at Insight Treatment, however, we realized very early on that we couldn’t shut down. Too many teenagers need us. In-person treatment was important before the pandemic and became even more important once the pandemic began. Being open to teenagers and their families is an incredible responsibility. That’s why, at our teen drug treatment facility, we’ve done everything in our power to make our environment safe. 

teen drug treatment

Safe In-Person Teen Drug Treatment and More 

We never believe that any teenager, family member, or, well, anyone, should have to choose between “safety” and “treatment.” That’s why we focus on both here at Insight Treatment. We’ve taken every precaution: social distancing, hand sanitizer, disinfection, masks, gloves, and so much more. When you’re here, you can rest assured that you’re in as safe an environment as can be during this challenging time. If someone doesn’t feel safe, they’re not going to want to open and continue their journey. So, safety is, as ever, our first priority. 


Facilities Re-arranged and Specifically Designed for Safety 

That commitment to safety isn’t just in the actions that our staff take. Additionally, it’s in how our facilities are laid out, too. If you have a moment, look at the pictures of our facilities on our home page. As you’ll see, they’re large, very open spaces. These are places where it’s easy to social distance. We’ve set things up so that it’s even easier. On top of that, whenever possible, we do group activities outside. All of this is done with one goal in mind: to provide teenagers with the support they need to be able to grow during this or any other time. 


Socializing and Growing Securely 

We know that, for some teens, due to health concerns, they won’t be able to attend Insight Treatment even with these precautions. That’s absolutely understandable. Indeed, it’s why we’ve begun to integrate online treatment into what we do. It’s also important to note that at Insight, it’s not all therapy and learning. We make sure that there’s plenty of fun, social opportunities for the teens, too. Just one example: we do a Catalina Island trip every year. Enjoyable and fun snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, bike riding, and more – it doesn’t feel like “treatment” when you’re making great memories that will last for the rest of their lives. 


The Doors are Open 

That’s what we’ve told people every day during the pandemic, whether they’re asking through phone calls, emails, or more.  We do just about all that we did before. Teens and their families can rely on Insight Treatment, period. Moreover, while we’re often referred to as a “drug and alcohol rehab,” we offer more than that, too. Yes, we have helped so many teenagers to identify the core concerns that drive those behaviors, but we can also help with other underlying issues, too. For a free clinical assessment: (888) 295-9995.