Teen Group Therapy May Be The Best Answer For Your Child, Thanks To Insight Treatment Center

One possible solution to a teenager’s mental health or addiction issues might be teen group therapy, a solution championed by the Insight Treatment Center in Santa Clarita.

Insight Treatment Center

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center With Solutions For Teen Mental Health Struggles

Insight Treatment is a Santa Clarita intensive outpatient treatment center with solutions for teen mental health struggles, and one of those solutions is teen group therapy.

“Our many years of experience has allowed us to have witnessed the life-changing and powerful effects that teen group therapy has on adolescents battling substance abuse and or mental health issues,” the Insight website reads.

“All of our groups are facilitated by trained and licensed professionals that specialize in a wide variety of problem areas.”

Insight Treatment Center, with locations in Santa Clarita, Van Nuys, Pasadena and more, is known for its holistic approach, top-notch team of specialists and its belief in empowering youngsters who need guidance.

“All of our groups are facilitated by Masters or doctoral level therapists, as well as certified addiction specialists who are experienced in working with adolescents,” the Santa Clarita outpatient treatment center’s website reads. “Each staff member specializes in various areas including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, psycho-dynamic therapies, EMDR, TRM, experiential, art therapy and addictions among others.”

Insight Treatment Center

Our Approach Involves Working With Parents And Teens

The Santa Clarita mental health center’s approach involves working with parents and teens, making sure that the needs of the patient are what comes first.

“Groups are designed according to our client’s needs,” Insight’s website reads. “Groups to address depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and trauma, family and social issues are key components of our programming.”
If you or any teenager you know struggles with mental health issues, visit Insight Treatment Center in Santa Clarita for help.

For more information on Insight Treatment Center in Santa Clarita, visit their website: https://insighttreatment.com