Teen Group Therapy & Some of the Many Benefits

Teen group therapy sounds good, but I want to know that it’s right for my child.” “My kid is shy, a bit withdrawn. Are they really going to get something out of group therapy?” Over the years here at Insight, we’ve heard many different versions of those concerns. They’re perfectly valid. Group therapy is something that many teens, before they come to Insight, may not have much of a frame of reference for. However, here, group therapy with other teens is one of our most effective treatment methods for a variety of reasons. 

Teen Group Therapy & Overcoming “Nobody Gets Me” 

While it can be phrased in many different ways, that’s a false belief that so many teenagers have.  It’s the kind of limiting belief that can be incredibly difficult for teens (or really anyone) to overcome on their own. However, our group therapy can work to break it down. After all, it’s hard to hold onto “nobody gets me” if you literally see, hearing, and talking to teens who do “get you.” Specifically, they “get” that they’re going through issues remarkably similar to your own. That’s the kind of thing that can make teenagers, even those who are really struggling, feel more understood and even validated. 

Building Skills That Last a Lifetime 

Developing and growing social skills in group therapy can’t be overstated. It’s something that helps teens right now but will also help them through their lives. That can lead to confidence and self-esteem, which also can pay untold dividends, so to speak. Additionally, in our sessions, they’ll be able to try and practice expressing how they really feel, how they really think. Those are just some of the valuable skills and abilities that they could learn in these groups, or relearn if they atrophied. 

Teen Group Therapy from Therapy Professionals 

It’s important to note that a group therapy session with teens doesn’t just involve a large group of teens talking over each other. In fact, it’s nothing of the sort. Here at Insight Treatment, we have some of the best teen therapist professionals anywhere. They’ve been doing this for a long time, leading groups in such a way that every teen grows, every teen develops, every teen gets something real, positive, and tangible out of the experience. We’re quite proud of the supportive, welcoming, and successful groups that we run at Insight Treatment, day after day. 

An Environment Teens Want to Be In 

For the groups (and really, all of this) to work, the right environment is required. Every Insight Treatment location is different from the rest, with its own unique style, architecture, and feel. But, each of them was specifically designed to have a kind of “clubhouse” vibe, to be a place that teens can feel comfortable and welcomed in from the very beginning. To see everything that we have to offer, our site is here. To talk to one of our professionals to get more information or for an assessment, call (888) 295-9995.