Teen Insight Treatment Program

A teen treatment program should be exactly that: a program that treats teens. It should treat teens as the people they are. That means that it has to be a program for teens. It shouldn’t be one that’s made for adults with some of the words changed. By that same token, it can’t be a program that is too childish or created for those who aren’t yet teenagers. We have a teen Insight treatment program that was specifically designed by experts for teenagers. In this blog, we’ll cover some of what our teen group therapy does as well as some other methods we have of helping teens to live their best lives.

Insight Treatment Program for Teens

Mental health and addiction issues can be hard on any teen. On top of that, they’re difficult for their parents as well. That’s why we’ve made treatments which address each of the individual aspects of their lives. We tailor our programs specifically to your teen’s needs. So, we make sure to treat their emotions, their psychological needs, their spiritual ones and so much more. There’s no “one size fits all” here. Rather, our experts draw upon their experience and what has been so successful in the past. Then, from that, they devise a plan for your teen and your teen alone. From there, we’re able to treat the underlying issues so as to make the symptoms your teen is suffering disappear.

Teen Group Therapy

Teens are influenced by their peers. For better, and sometimes for worse, teens draw so much of who they are from those that they’re around. That’s why we believe group therapy is so important at insight. Many teens are more honest about how they’re really feeling when they’re around their peers. Sometimes, that helps them to be more honest about how they’re feeling, too. They aren’t looking for what they “think” they should say or “believe” they should say they’re feeling (as can sometimes happen in individual therapy). When they’re with peers, plenty of teens are freer to be themselves.

Insight Treatment Program

Group Therapy Development

Many of the teens who come to us for treatment are still learning how to identify with some issues and feelings. They’re not always capable of fully expressing that yet. This is one more area where teen group therapy can be so helpful. By being around the other teenagers, they may recognize feelings and struggles that the other teens are going through. From there, they can recognize that within themselves. This can lead to their own personal growth and awareness. This can be quite helpful to a teen who’s suffering from addictions and other issues, particularly at the beginning.

Different Teens at Different Stages

We see many teens that come into our group therapy really struggling with addiction, depression and the like. Then, they’re sitting in our groups, perhaps a bit sullen, when one of the other teens starts talking about their experience and… they discuss their feelings about how they’re doing much better. Sure, they’ve been dealing with addiction, depression or other problems, too — but now they’re a bit further along the road towards fully dealing with the underlying issues. This gives teens that are just starting their journey hope. They can see someone who’s been where they are, who’s just like them, who’s managed to make real, tangible strides. This is the kind of thing that can make all of the difference in the world.

Among many other positive benefits, this can make for a real sense of accountability. It’s one thing for a teenager to struggle when they feel alone, or when they feel that the only people who might care about them are their parents. However, it’s an entirely different dynamic when their peers are involved. Now, they have to make a commitment to work through issues with them, too. So, should a teen not fully commit to their betterment and treatment, they’re letting their fellow peers down. This can give them that much more support. From that support, they’re able to give each other strength and ultimately confidence.

Those are just a few of the reasons that we consider teen group therapy to be such an effective way to help teenagers with their addictions and issues. We’ve seen it work so many times before. It’s important to note that while these therapy groups are made up of teens, they’re facilitated by adults. In fact, they’re facilitated by Masters or doctoral level therapists and certified addiction specialists. This way, the group always moves forward in a positive way, guided by someone who has been there before. The groups are designed built upon the client’s needs. To schedule a free consultation so we can figure out how to best treat your teen, give us a call at (800) 599-8820 or head to our site.