Teen Support Groups that Provide Actual Support

Have you been looking for a treatment program for your teenager, but none of it seems like something for a teenager? Does it seem like every option for teenage substance abuse treatment was actually designed for a forty-year-old with a mortgage? Honestly, one of the major reasons that we started Insight Treatment was that, frankly, there just weren’t many places that provided treatment to teenagers. All of the treatment options available, more or less, were designed for someone much older, who just didn’t have the experiences and needs of a teenager. That’s one more area where our teen support groups can help. 

Support Groups that Support Teens 

Our support groups for teens consists of, well, teens. That may not sound revolutionary, but it kind of is. For example, when many people think of a “support group” for teenagers battling substance abuse, they might think of a movie or TV show where there’s a substance abuse group therapy session with one or two teenagers and like four or five grown adults. That doesn’t happen at Insight. We treat teenagers exclusively. So, when your teen is in a support group, they’ll be in there with teens – peers, people their age, going through the same struggles they are. 

“In Someone Else’s Shoes” 

Remember when you were a teenager, and how often it felt like you were “alone?” The times when it felt like there was no one who could emphasize with you, who knew what you were dealing with? For many teens, those are natural feelings that can pass. For those battling substance abuse issues and mental health concerns, they can be that much stronger. So, in our support groups, they get real evidence that isn’t the case. They can see people just like them going through the same things they are. So, they can learn from those who might be a little bit further down the path than them. Consequently, once they move forward, they can help those who are just starting out. 

An Environment for Teenagers 

When you see a support group therapy session on television, what does it look like? We’re willing to imagine that it’s in some sterile, bland environment, with a few chairs scattered about some drab, dimly-lit room. Our Insight Treatment facilities are the exact opposite of that. Here, we created an environment that teens are actually going to want to come to. There are games, places to sit and hang out, computers, and more. As our treatment is for teens, we created an environment for teens. 

Continuing Teen Support Groups 

Our support groups did not shut down during the pandemic. If nothing else, they may have even become more important, as social contact is even more crucial during this difficult time. We keep our facilities as safe and secure as possible, of course. That said, we hold many of our support group sessions outside now, too. We see it as one more way to create a safe environment for teens, where they’re free to be themselves. For more. give us a call (888) 295-9995 or send us an email.