Teen Support Groups that Really Do Support Each Other

Have you been looking into teen treatment that seems like it would really do something for your teen? Does it feel like every teen treatment facility tends to blend into the next? When we started Insight Treatment, there really weren’t many (or any) teen treatment options in the Southern California area. Over the years, we’ve found many effective treatment methods for teens that help them to live the lives that they want. Some of the most powerful and lasting relationships are through our teen support groups. 

Studies Show: Teen Support Groups Work 

As you’ve probably experienced, teens don’t always exactly open up about their emotional pain, concerns, and problems easily (to understate things). One thing we have found over the years is that even some of the most taciturn teens really can open up and really do want to. That’s a major part of what makes it possible for them to get the treatment and help that they need. But, for that to happen, what can really facilitate it is if they’re in a group of peers that they feel they belong with, that they feel safe around. That’s one thing we build our support groups around. 

More Than Just Therapy 

At Insight Treatment, it’s not just non-stop support groups all the time until it’s time to go home. No, we designed our facilities to be fun, like a clubhouse almost. There are games to play here, places to relax – some even have a climbing wall or a dog. Those amenities make such a difference in designing an environment that teens want to go to, that they want to be a part of. Then, that makes it all the more likely that they’ll do the rigorous clinical work as well as get the most out of it. 

Welcoming Environment: More Than a Place 

Of course, a “welcoming environment” is more than just having a climbing wall and internet access. That’s where our staff comes in. For example, the experienced counselors running our support groups have done this for a long time. They know how to run a support group in such a way that everyone gets something out of it, everyone gets to experience that support, and that togetherness, while also celebrating what’s unique about them, too. These support groups have proven invaluable in helping with recovery skills and life skill-building. 

Insight Treatment’s Doors are Open 

There’s no better time to start with Insight Treatment than today. Just about no parent has ever said: “We wish we’d waited till later to reach out to someone to help our child.” The truth is that mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse issues, unfortunately, they’re unlikely to go away on their own. The sooner you get help for them, the sooner your teen can work their way through them, so that they can lead the life that they want. To learn more or to speak to one of our pros, call (888) 295-9995.