Testimonial Sandbox

"I came out of an impatient program with 62 days sober. And although I knew that I would never be a person who could use in moderation, and I knew that using would ultimately lead the end of my life, that knowledge wasn't enough to keep me sober. Insight gave me structure, to manage my day to day life. Insight gave my family the support and opportunity to change our dynamics. I began to look into my life, thinking about what my unique reasons were for wanting to escape. Sobriety is essential to my survival. I don't have to be a statistic. Insight has taught me how to hold myself accountable to my own potential. I've been sober over a year now. My family and I have tools, and connections to other families who share in the same struggle. It's hard, but we are not alone."

Cristo Nava, Age 18

"After a multitude of unsuccessful individual therapy sessions, my parents sent me to the Insight Treatment Center in Sherman Oaks. I was sixteen years old and had developed not only a progressive drug habit but displayed severe behavioral defiance. My life was slowly spinning out of control but I wasn’t in a position to recognize the wreckage that I was creating. Insight helped me identify my issues as well as allowed for my family and me to work through them. I also significantly benefited from being in an environment where others were experiencing and dealing with similar challenges. Eventually, I graduated from Insight and proceeded to not only stay clean and sober but also begin to aspire towards my dreams and goals. I’m currently twenty-eight years old and have over eleven years of continuous sobriety. Throughout these last eleven years, I’ve been able to not only graduate college “magna cum laude” but I’ve also been able to accomplish my life long dream of playing professional baseball. However, most importantly, I have an amazing relationship with my parents and cherish the time that I get to spend with them. I truly believe that if my parents hadn’t taken a stand and put me into Insight, I wouldn’t be sitting here today with the remarkable life that I have. Thanks Insight for saving my life and giving me a second chance!"

Adam K. – Alumni